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Your in good hands with Melissa, she was a great two
legged mom.
Bruiser, Foster Kitten
"Melissa has a way with animals. Many people do, but what sets Melissa apart
is her ability to see the world from your animal’s point of view. Whether it’s
cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs or any other creature, Melissa will tune into
what your animal needs. She listens to what your animal is trying to tell you,
not with just her ears but with her heart. She puts them at ease, making your
absence as stress-free as possible."
Sara Ferguson
Cat Behaviorist

The tips that you shared with us has made all the difference. Simon and Darwin are doing beautifully, Playing with each other. Darwin is bonding with Chris again and seems content. He even lets us trim his claws with little fuss. He is using a scratching post regularly. I took Simon to A holistic vet in Falcon and he said he probably has a virus (Rhinovirus or another that I can't recall the name at the moment). He gave us some drops to give him and he said that should help boost his immune system. I don't think we really need another visit. I think you did such a great job sharing your knowledge with us the first time! I will definitely tell others about you and try to help other humans and animals. Thanks so much and take good care! 
LC - Client
Two Adult cats recently adopted and introduced

As far as I can tell, the marking and peeing has stopped! I have been better with littler boxes, and I think that's the main problem. I locked them up at night for a few days, and have been trying to play with them and give them more attention.
Just the other night I saw them laying next to each other on the couch. I couldn't believe it. Now, they both hang out in my bedroom a lot, one of the chairs, one on the bed. They seem to be buddies. It's very neat.
Thanks for all your help! :) I have told a few people about you, because you really helped us a lot.
CR - Client

Two adult males who were spraying in the house

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. When it
comes to my animals I want to have complete confidence in the sitter.
Play and Treat Pet Service was recommended to me by a friend, and now
I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.
Keep up the good work!”
Becky and our 3 cats
TCRAS Facebook: Cats like Jeffy have been
called Twisty Cats, Kangaroo Cats and Squittens.
TCRAS asked Melissa Shandley to evaluate
Jeffy and to help the shelter staff learn how to deal with Jeffy. She is amazing. Melissa has her own business, Play and Treat Pet Service.
Barbara Berger
TCRAS Volunteer Web Master
"Rob and I still can't get over how mellow and
content our Queen Abby is after our long absence!
She has defininately found a good friend in you.
I'll be happy to be a reference anytime and will
spread the word!"
Linda and Rob Gittins
Dear Melissa,
Thank you for making the time to come and share your wealth of knowledge and expertise with our volunteers! Your presentation was wonderful! It was in depth, had great visuals & examples and very professional. The volunteers learned a lot and were very appreciative.
Chasta LaBass
TCRAS Volunteer Coordinator
 After using one of the recommended pet sitters that I found here, I would just like to give an update in case anyone else is looking for one. We used Melissa Shandley, Play and Treat Pet Service, this past week and were so happy. We have never used a petsitter before and Melissa exceeded our expectations. We didn't worry while we were gone and we returned to find our dog happy, healthy, and stress free. I am sure that all of our local sitters are great, but now we trust and will always use Melissa! Her rates were also very reasonable and she was flexible with our requests.
 Denise Jones
Highland Lakes Resident
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