Play and Treat Pet Service - Pet Sitting and Consulting
My consulting and pet sitting business is based on the belief that your pets are of the utmost importance. I strive to deliver care that exceeds your expectations. My goal is to expand my clients from repeat customers and referrals. When you not able to be there I will provide dependable, professional care so you and your pets can enjoy life.
My special focus is cat care, I understand cat behavior and cater to the special needs of felines. I believe in enriching the lives of cats and minimizing stress which can lead to illness. I offer play therapy, clicker training, behavior modification and problem solving to help create harmonious households.
I also have a lifetime of experience with dogs and horses and I include them in my services. I love bunnies and other pocket pets and would be happy to feed and care for them also. I have cared for many different species and would be happy to discuss your needs, horses to mice.
I generally do not provide overnight services.
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you pet care that your pets will love. 

Consulting Services can vary depending on your needs, however these are a few of the common reasons people request assistance.
Aggressive behavior - towards humans / other animals
House Soiling - not using the litter box consistently
Counter Surfing - cats getting on surfaces you don't want to share
Timid behavior - cats that are uncomfortable with normal interactions
Door Darting - cats attempting to get out of the house
Leash Training - a safe way to spend time outside with your cat
Cat Enclosures - a safe way to allow a little outdoor freedom for your cat
Cat Agility - a fun, stimulating activity for you and your cat
Introducing new family members - a new baby or spouse, adding another pet
Call for information or to schedule a session for your group.
Busy Bodies, Happy Cats
I enjoy helping cat guardians learn how to be great pet parents. I frequently offer this workshop on keeping your cats happy, healthy and problem free. Learn about catification, catios, leash training, clicker communication and active play therapy.
Eat, Play, Love: Cat Enrichment
Help your cat stay healthy and active with structured play sessions. Cats are skillful hunters and enjoy using these talents in games. Learn how to determine your cats play style, structuring a satisfying play session, making toys that will stimulate your cat to play and enjoy a strong bonding experience.
Click with Your Cat
Introduction to creating a friendlier, more confident cat with clicker play. Learn how to develop clicker mechanics, how clicker play can help you communicate with your cat and develop a more interesting relationship.
Finding Harmony with your Cat
Do you have challenges with your cat? I offer individual consulting but in this workshop we will talk about some of the most common issues that cause cats to be surrendered and some advice on how to avoid or correct these challenges.
These workshops are routinely offered at the cat shelter I helped establish and at Catagonia Cat Hotel.

Check the web sites or call for dates.
Happy Cats Haven
1214 S 21st St
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Call to register for workshops 719-362-4600

Catagonia Cat Hotel
4703 Centennial Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
 Call for information and reservations 719-602-6081
I am available to give presentation to local organizations on cat behavior and cat training. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a talk.
Melissa Shandley - click to send a request.

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